Imagine a combination of a city tour in Quito and a puzzle race

Imagine a city tour can be both: exciting and informative. Imagine that you are the main act in the experience. Imagine an interesting experience formed by you and your group members with a little bit of help from our site. Imagine discovering Quito in combination with solving riddles and puzzles. Imagine a lot of fun. Imagine the combination of Escape Games and a City Tour in Quito.

Escape City Tour Quito

How does it work?

This Tour in Quito is the best choice if you love to get to know the centre on your own. Without a guide standing by your side and explaining everything. You will have all the materials you need to find your way through Quito. You will not only have the riddles and the map to find your way, but also insider material and explanation of all the important things you need to know while you are at the specific attraction. Good luck solving the riddles and solve the legend!

It is always possible to take the tour on the same day you booked it. Please keep in mind that at 5:30 pm, it will be dark and most of the sightseeing attractions will be closed. So we suggest you take your tour either in the morning, afternoon or if you booked late on the next day.

The tour itself is a complete self-guided walking tour. Which means that you will be provided with all the materials you need to find your own way through Quito, solving riddles and getting important information about some historical facts as well as some insider knowledge with special recommendations made for you.Enjoy your City tour in Quito

What happens after I booked?

After you booked your tour, there will arrive an E-Mail to you. Please make sure it is not in your "Spam". In the E-Mail, you will have to solve your first riddle which will give you the code to enter the special section where you will be provided with all the necessary information. For instance the most crucial parts: where you will get your materials and how to get to the start point.

Right after your booking begins the journey. All the riddles and puzzles you will have to solve through your journey will be solved in an easy way. Maybe you have to think more than once to solve a puzzle but that will be part of the game. It will help you to think around the corner and view the things and the task from a different angle. But donĀ“t worry about the difficulty. The puzzles are well balanced and if you need some push to get further, the little helper which will come with you will become pretty handy. Good Luck!Do you want to try a different City Tour in Quito

Additional Info about the Tour

There's still something going on... So that nothing is missing for the perfect escape event in Quito, you can add one more! In addition to the tour, you can also book various features:

Duel Modos, up to 60 people!

Book two tours at the same time and play a complete different game. Up to 12 players can play the Escape Tour. Or even up to 60 people total is possble if you make 10 teams. If you would like to book that, please get in touch with us for special discounts.

Booking period

True to the motto "Storm is only when the sheep no longer have any curls", our Quito Escape Tour can of course be booked all year round.

This tour in Quito is an adventure for everyone!

You can play our tour in Quito in larger groups book simply 2 tours parallel then we split the team and make a direct competition out of it. Even more thrills guaranteed in order to complete your mission, you must master various puzzles and tasks in normal city life a city route created by us is waiting to be discovered by you. But there is no time to rest, within 90 minutes you should have turned Quito upside down to finish successfully. You can also play with even more groups. Send us a messege for special discounts!

It is something for every bachelor party and every team event.

How much does it cost?

The tour will cost you 50$ for the whole group!

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