Imagine a combination of a city tour and a puzzle race

Imagine a city tour can be both: exciting and informative. Imagine that you are the main act in the experience. Imagine an interesting experience formed by you and your group members with a little bit of help from our site. Imagine discovering a city in combination with solving riddles and puzzles. Imagine a lot of fun. Imagine the combination of Escape Games and City Tours.

Find your way!

Solve Puzzles

You are going to discover the city in your own way completely individual and challenging.

What´s the point?

During your adventure, you will have to solve different kinds of puzzles to complete your mission.

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Seek Your Way

You will have all the materials you need to find your way through the city.

Is this tour perfect for me?

The tour is made for you if you like individualism, discover things and be flexible.

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Think Twice

You definitely should think more than once to solve all the puzzles.

What can I expect?

If you would like to have a challenging and unique experience you are definitely right! Go for it!

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Be creative!

Be creative!

How does it work?

There are just a few steps to follow before you can start your adventure.

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