What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Game is a new and exciting live activity for groups of 4-14 people.

You will be locked into a room with only 60 minutes to escape from it. You think that’s easy? Think again! To escape you need to find hidden objects and solve puzzles.

SOnly teamwork, logical thinking and creativity will help you solve this mysterious mission. The time will pass quickly while you and your team experience fun, adrenaline and companionship together with friends, family or colleagues.

Are you ready for the challenge in the Mariscal?

Grupo en nuestro Escape Room

Our Escape Room: Agent 23!

A cruel band of swindlers, called “la Banda Negra” controls everything in Quito and nobody has the necessary resources to face them due to their enormous amount of money and above all power. They choose their headquarters in an abandoned theatre, where they have the opportunity to develop new ideas and technologies for their every day thefts.

Original Mode
Hired by the mysterious Agent 23, you and your team are the only option to stop “la Banda Negra”, your mission is to enter the theatre, find the bank records of the gang and bring them to Agent 23.

Captured in flagrante, you are chained inside the theatre. Luckily Agent 23 was able to distract the gang and you have exactly 60 minutes to complete your mission. The future of Quito is in your hands …

Duel Mode
The first attempt to stop the gang failed, everyone died minus one. Now, Agent 23 needs a new team that dares to face the gang.
Testing those who enlisted, he had divided them into two teams to fight against each other at the same time. Only one team can win and face the fearsome “Banda Negra”…


Nuestro Escape Room

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Escape Room - Juego de Escape

Escape Room
Cooperative Mode
4 – 7 players

10$ per player

Cooperative Mode Game for groups of 4 to 7 players, playing jointly in one team to complete their mission within 60 minutes – the classic Escape Room.

Escape Room - Juego de Escape

Escape Room
Duel Mode
8 – 14 players

10$ per player

Duel Mode Game for groups of 4 to 14 players, playing in two teams against each other at the same time – even more competition and adrenaline.





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Escape Room - Juego de Escape