Escape Game X City Tour – why don´t you give it a try?

Our tour is for everybody who is looking for information and fun at the same time. You will have to find your way through the beautiful old town of the city by solving riddles, crack codes and search for important objects. While you are living your adventure, we are providing you with important insider information about special places you need to know while you are staying in Quito. We will also give you special material which includes: A booklet with a storyline and important things to know, a special map, hints and of course the correct solution. You are completely free in time management and your approach to solving the riddles. And don´t worry, until know everyone had made it to the end!

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We guarantee you a lot of fun. The riddles and puzzles are all doable and will engage the whole group. Moreover, you always have the choice to stop by one of our suggested points and enjoy the vibe of the city!


Teamwork is one of the crucial parts of the tour. Weather you can also do it alone we reccomend at least a group of 2-3 people to gain the maximum of brain power and fun. If you are stucked at one point no worries, the little helper we provide you with is really and handy and easy to use. We promise that you wont get frustrate during your tour!

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