Your quest: Find the princess

The Spanish Royal Family is visiting the President of Ecuador in 2003 to improve diplomatic relations between the two countries. The talks are going well, and the negotiations seem to be over. Since there is still time before the departure to Spain, the somewhat rebellious daughter of the Spanish king decides to visit the beautiful old town of Quito. Since she has no desire to spend time with her bodyguards and wants to experience something, she sneaks out of the presidential palace unnoticed to explore the city armed only with her street map on her own. It comes as it was supposed to. On her exploratory tour, the daughter disappears without a trace. The president is inconsolable and the king at a loss. To this day, no one has been able to explain the disappearance of the daughter. Now the king asks your help to solve the mystery of his missing daughter as there is still hope that she may have survived...
Perfect for all who are willing to discover the city on their own and in a unique way.
You have a maximum of three hours to complete your mission!
If you are looking for a city tour that challenges and inform you, you are right!

What do I have to do?

Discover, explore, find: After you booked, you will get an e-mail with all the information needed to start your adventure. After that, you can start your tour whenever you are ready. Your goal is to solve the mystery of the missing princess and seek your way through Quito's Old Town while you are passing by all the important places which are worth seeing.
Solve, crack, think: Solving your mission is not easy. All of your waypoints are hidden in puzzles and riddles which you will have to solve. Be patient, think more than twice and work as a team.
Manage your time: You will only have 2 hours and 30 minutes maximum to complete your mission. If you get stuck at some point or feel helpless, there will be help provided. But only when it´s really necessary. To help you a little bit you will immediately know if you're right or wrong after you solved a puzzle.
Have fun: All in all, it is a fun activity for you and of course for all who are going with you. Don´t get frustrated if you are getting stuck or feeling lost. It is all part of the game, and in the end, you will complete your mission hopefully happy.