Quito: What could you expect?

There are a couple of things you can´t miss while you are staying in Quito. Like the country itself, the city has a lot to offer for every kind of traveller. To make sure you will make the best out of your stay you should focus on your general preferences, for example, eating in a nice restaurant, doing some sport activities or relax in the sun, having great party, visiting museums or art galleries, going to the cinema, a theater, a concert, or even a soccer match. Soccer is quite big in Quito as it is in Europe. We will give you a quick overview of all the things mentioned above. So it is just up to you to decide what you wanna explore in Quito in the first place.

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Great Restaurants to choose from

Pizza & Pasta

Nice to know about Quito - Pizza

Quito offers a lot of great places to eat. The two most recommendable restaurants for a good pizza are Roman Italian Food in the Mariscal near, the Plaza Foch. They are doing great real Italian pizzas with their oven and charge an average of five to six dollars per pizza. Even if the place does not look that great, it is recommendable for every pizza lover who does not want to spend a lot on a good pizza. If you are more a fan of sophisticated location, higher prices, great service and also great pizza and pasta, we recommend you to go to La Briciola. It is located in La Floresta near, the Swiss Hotel. To give you an idea of the price range, a pizza would cost you 12 to 14 dollar.


Nice to know about Quito - Seafood

If the sun is shining in Quito and you are a fan of great seafood "coast style." You should try the Balcon Marinero. It is located near the Carolina Park and offers a various range of great seafood in a good price range. An average meal would costs you about ten to 15 dollars. If you would like to have something special we would recommend you Zazu. Also located near the Carolina Park, it will offer you a nice atmosphere and a great cooking style. An average main course at Zazu would costs you around 25 dollars.


Nice to know about Quito - Sushi

Like Sushi lovers as we are you will definitely find a great place to choose. Personally, we are going to two locations. Our first choice to have a nice choice of sushi for a good price is Kobe. They have various restaurants in the city. We prefer the All you can eat restaurant in La Floresta. It will cost you around 20 dollars and definitely will make you satisfied. Although a lot of rolls are fried, so be careful with what you are choosing! Our next choice to have a bit of a wider range of sushi's and sashimis is the Noe Sushi Bar. It is a bit pricey in comparison with Kobe but worth every penny!

Typical Ecuadorian Food

Nice to know about Quito - Ecuadorian Food

You can find Ecuadorian food nearly at all small places in different areas of the city. They are mostly selling Desayunos (Breakfast), Almuerzos (Lunch) or Merienda (Dinner) for a small price. Usually 2 to a maximum of 5 dollars. It includes soup, a main dish, a juice and sometimes dessert. If you would like to taste that out just have a quick look at the place in general (is it clean, are some people inside?) and you will be fine. If you are not that experimental, we would personally recommend Hasta La Vuelta Señor near the Plaza Grande in the historic centre of Quito. It has a nice variety of food and a great atmosphere. The main dish will cost you around 15 dollars. Another great choice for Ecuadorian food is De La Lama near the Carolina Park. It is quite famous within the Quito community and therefore offers excellent and typical dishes from the country.

Doing sports activities

Indoor and outdoor sports is possible

Nice to know about Quito - Park

Quito offers a good variety of sports activities. There are as well as indoor as outdoor possibilities. If you are a fan of outdoor activities like running, soccer, basketball, volleyball or tennis we would strongly recommend you to go to the Carolina Park and choose one of the great options this park has to offer. For hiking fans, the house mountain Pichincha would be a great option. You can take either walk up there or take Teleférico up to the top. There you can enjoy a great view over the city and of course, start your hike. Be prepared with some warm clothes, because it is cold up there! If you would like to go swimming, we recommend you the  Hotel Don Carlton or the Hotel Quito. If you would like to play table tennis while having some beer the Bola 8 is your choice. Don´t forget to bring some sort of identity card to get in. If you like to play Billard with nice tables in a relaxed atmosphere the Euro Club in front of the bus station "La Y" is nice. If you would like to just to walk a bit, do MTB or even jog you should check out the Parque Metropolitano.

Having a Party


Nice to know about Quito - Bar

If you would like to get to know the nightlife of Quito you have some great options to choose from. The most popular Bars are located in the Mariscal area. We personally know and like the Corner Pub for some ice cold draft Ecuadorian beer, or the Rock & Beef Bar to have cheap beer and sit outside, the Dirty Sanchez to enjoy Dj´s and one or two Cuba libre, the always crowded Fin Mc Cools or for some good beer we choose Cherusker. A special place not only for its atmosphere is Ananke. There you will have a great view over Cumbaya, a smaller town outside of Quito. It doesn´t matter which one you choose, or if you choose all of them. In most cases, you need to bring a document to prove your identity and age.

Discos / Clubs

Nice to know about Quito - Disco

The popularity of the Clubs in Quito are changing from time to time. Nevertheless, there are some clubs which are always full and have a great vibe. Travellers are mostly found in the Bungalow 6. It is a good club for nice parties, also if you like to have cheap and strong drinks ($3 for a Cuba Libre). Another choice for a good party with higher prices could be the Bipolar in one of the best streets in Quito, the Gonzales Suarez. Here the young middle and high class of Quito are having a good time. Weather in the Bungalow 6 it does not really matter what you are wearing, in the Bipolar it could be important. Another option for a good party near Quito is Sabai in Cumbaya. It is quite famous for students. In all of the recommended locations, you need to bring at least a document for your identification, make sure you won´t forget it!


Nice to know about Quito - Beer

A couple of years ago the trend of "cervezas artesanales" has started in Quito. There are some really good beers in the little more or less famous breweries in Town. Our personal favourites are Bandido Brewing, Paramo the only real beer garden in the metropolitan district of Quito and La Reserva as one of the first Beerpups in Quito. All of them offer a great choice of beer with all kind of tastes. They are a great choice if you like beer and not only want to drink Pilsener, Club or Brama.

Enjoying Muesums and Art Galeries

Guayasamín and La Capilla del Hombre

Nice to know about Quito - La Capilla del Hombre

La Capilla del Hombre is a Cultural Centre that invites you to feel the reflection of history from the point of view of Latin America, with its achievements and suffers. In the surroundings, you will find impressive architecture, paintings, murals, sculptures, open spaces and the message of commitment to Human Rights, Peace, and Solidarity. UNESCO declared it as "Priority Project for Culture," as well as "Cultural Heritage of the Ecuadorian State." In the museum of Guayasamín (his former house), you will see the complete collection of his work.

Museo de la Ciudad

Nice to know about Quito - Museum

The City Museum of Quito occupies the oldest civil building in the city: The first hospital of Quito which operated from 1565 until 1974 without closing a single day. It shows the development of the different parts of Quito and Ecuador. Definitely worth if you like to get to know more about the city and its history. Of course, there are a lot more museums in the city, but these two are definitely worth visiting!

Going to the Cinema, Theatre or Concert


Nice to know about Quito - Cinemas

If you would like to see a movie while you are staying in Quito, there are two good options. On the one hand, you can go to Super Cines, one the other hand, you can go to Cinemark. Both cinemas mostly offer the option to see the movies in English with Spanish subtitles. A movie would cost around 2 dollars per person.

Theatre and Concert

Nice to know about Quito - Theatre

Quito has a lot of theatres to choose from. The oldest ones are Teatro Nacional Sucre and Teatro Bolivar. Both are located in the Old Town of Quito. Ticket prices start at 4 dollars per person and increase according to the show. A well-known place to see a concert is the Casa de la Musica. Every month you can choose from different concerts like piano, Latin music or some famous singers.

Watching a Soccer Match

La Liga and the Olympic Stadium

Nice to know about Quito - Stadium

Going to a soccer match in Quito is definitely an experience itself. If you would like to go to a national soccer match you should go to the north to Estadio de la Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito.  The fans in Quito are great although the club not always wins. For other national and international soccer matches, you need to go to Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa. Nearly 40 000 people could take place in this 1951 built stadium.