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How does a group of professionals become a team? This process is not a self-runner or a fun event, but a complex management task. This task also begins with the selection of the team members and ends only when team-building fulfilled its purpose and is dissolved. Depending on the respective phase of team development and current situations, different team building methods make sense.

The German industrialist Philip Rosenthal once stressed: “Personally, I didn’t think of anything and I didn’t invent anything. I only found people and made sure that they found each other.” Strongly generalized, one can say that the successful entrepreneur has been involved in team building.

Who fits into the team?

  • People who are technically up to the task
  • Different characters that complement each other
  • Team-oriented employees who can develop with each other

The manager creates the framework conditions so that these individuals can come together to form a team. In addition, they control team development with suitable measures.
Important note: The focus is on aspects such as securing communication, finding mutual trust and strengthening team spirit.

Tools of the manager for team development

In order to exploit the potential of each individual and the entire team, the following team building methods are recommended:

  • Giving and requesting feedback
  • Discussions – in private and in groups
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Coaching – individually and in a team
  • Experience-oriented activities – indoor and outdoor

Developing the team in conversation

Discussions are important in every phase of team development. In the beginning it is about getting to know each other and building trust. In the case of project teams within a company, people often already know each other; in the start-up phase, team members probably meet for the first time. Logically, the intensity of the meetings in these teams varies.

Later there will be debates and discussions about work organization. Once everyone has found their role in the team, the focus shifts to technical topics, solutions and factual issues.

Tip: Right from the start, the manager should establish a respectful, constructive culture of discussion based on the principles of active listening. This applies to group discussions as well as to discussions between superiors and individual team members and between team players.

Teambuilding in Quito

Giving and demanding feedback

Team development is a dynamic process that is influenced by many factors. Well-rehearsed, well-established teams seem to work by themselves, but are the result of successful leadership work. Newly formed teams have to find each other, others are already involved in power struggles.

In concrete terms this is what it is all about:

  • Capturing the current development status
  • Disclose vulnerabilities
  • Acknowledging success

Team-building workshops and seminars as team-building methods

Depending on the purpose of the team, specialists from different or the same specialist areas work together. Workshops and seminars as a method of team building are therefore seldom geared to a specific subject. As a rule, they are interdisciplinary measures or geared to social skills that strengthen the team spirit. In addition, professional training opportunities can have a motivating effect on individual team members.

Team-building workshops can also focus, for example, on conflict resolution, problem solving and the development of concepts.

Possible focal points for teambuilding seminars:

  • Building team spirit and finding and motivating strengths, rules and ways for communication
  • Develop the ability to engage in constructive discussion
  • Creating a positive working atmosphere in the team, creating a sense of togetherness
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness.

Coaching for teams and team members

Team coaching focuses on behavioural patterns, mechanisms and interpersonal structures that have already developed or are expected to develop. What has proven its worth is strengthened and consolidated. In other cases, new ways must be sought and found together. Depending on the requirements, the direction of team development is corrected to a greater or lesser extent. In this process, the solution competencies of each individual team member are required.

What is team building

Individual coaching should possibly go hand in hand with team coaching. After all, a team only achieves top performance if each member can fully exploit its potential. The individual coaching helps to find out the needs, abilities and team role of the individual. Building on this, their competencies can be strengthened and their room for manoeuvre in the team can be meaningfully expanded.

Teambuilding through experience-oriented activities

Fun and games as a method of team building are aimed at strengthening t fhe sense of community. In a relaxed, informal atmosphere, team members get to know each other better and discover new sides to each other. Strengths, weaknesses and individual sensitivities also come to light. This is why things like an Escape Game are great to test all the different kinds of people.

Definition of Teambuilding

Team building, also known as team building, is the selection and bringing together of different people and the development of skills within the group that are needed to achieve agreed goals. It is therefore the phase and planning of the team composition that is meant. A thoughtful team building should build on team members with different qualifications so that all tasks can be completed with the necessary knowledge. Another goal is a good working atmosphere created by the assembled members, which increases productivity.

Successful team building can be achieved through a number of different models, one of the most common being the one developed by R. Meredith Belbin. In his model, he describes eight team roles, each of which is either communication-, knowledge- or action-oriented.

Example: A team is put together for the conception of a product and its implementation, as well as market launch. It must be ensured that the employees together cover the required specialist knowledge. It would be a faulty team if, for example, there were an engineer and a marketing expert in the group, but not an economic expert who is familiar with the market situation and prices. An executive creates a powerful and harmonious team through meaningful team building.

Access the 5 teambuilding ideas and set your goals

If your team members know what you are working towards together, everyone can make strategic decisions and make them on their own or enforce them in the team through team-building measures. To do this, you need to be aware of three things:

  • What are your goals?
  • How does the company pursue these goals?
  • What influence do these specific goals have?

That doesn’t mean that every available number has to be communicated to the CEO – no that would be chaotic and confusing. Rather, important key data that affect the work of the team must be shared.

How does team-building work

Here are five teambuilding exercises that show you the way to set goals:

Define your message: set the exact goal you want to achieve

I’m sure you’re building something great that you can and will stand for. Your current team members are probably at your side because they are passionate about the problem and interested that you want to solve; or they are behind you because you give them the opportunity. One of the best exercises at the beginning of a teambuilding idea might be to turn that passion into a mission statement. It is critical to communicate this goal effectively and consistently to new team members, this can be a real challenge.

When creating and communicating your teambuilding idea, focus on the following best practices:

  • Simple and clear: Your leadership principles should be easy to understand.
  • Honest and authentic: It should reflect how the company is doing and what it is trying to change. Throughout your team, this should be reflected in your daily actions.
  • Clearly: Verbalize and describe the mission statement in such a way that everyone in the office and everyone in your team has the why of their daily work in front of their eyes.
  • Courageous: The mission statement is an opportunity to demonstrate the personality and culture of your company.

Define the goals of your company: How you can set these signs

Unfortunately, this mission statement you have set is not enough to allow your entire team to concentrate on expanding your business. After all, you need money to create this teambuilding idea. And it’s not a single sport like golf or chess – business is a team sport.

Your company needs more financial goals and growth goals. These goals will define how your team will achieve this teambuilding idea. To set the goal of a teambuilding activity, all departments and team members should define their own goals that will bring the company closer to its goal. Define these goals clearly and verifiably. Otherwise your team will not be able to track its progress.

One way of identifying goals is to define key identification criteria (with the clear goal in mind) for those using the cascading model. By way of illustration, the overall business objective is to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by X% in this quarter. A key performance indicator (KPI) marketing team could increase the rating entries by the required number of test registrations to achieve the MRR target.

By further cascading the total metrics, the goal of a content marketer can be to increase the number of sessions to be conducted. In other words, don’t be dreaming – rather act.

Choose your framework to set priorities

Be warned, an objective can quickly get out of hand. With every new goal you set, a thousand different ways come to you to reach that goal. Most likely, you and your team have created a long list of different tactics for each goal. To build a team that really focuses on its goals, you should keep an eye on each of these activities so that all of your team row in the same direction.

There are several frameworks that have been tested and successfully tested for different teams. None of them is a universal concept, so try a few until you find the one that works best for you and your team. You’ll probably need to make adjustments to find out what works best. Here are some for you to start with:

The Golden Circle: was coined by Simon Sinek in a TED lecture How great leaders encourage everyone to act. This is also called “Start with why” – “Always ask why first”. The idea is to ask oneself during an activity: “Why do we do this and how does it help us with our teambuilding idea?

I want to do teambuilding

Communicate the metrics effectively to your team

You may be shocked to learn how many executives leave their employees unclear about the company’s performance. According to respondents, 70% said they had no daily insight into their company’s performance. Only 14% of companies reported monitoring their KPIs in real time. However, employees with clear goals are cited as the most important factor contributing to business growth.

You need to give your team the information and tools they need to make strategic decisions: the data that will most impact their role in the organization. Below are some team-building exercises you can use to effectively share your key metrics and data with your team.

Weekly 1:1 meetings: Meet once a week with your team members to improve their OCRs, progress on key metrics, and growth barriers.

Weekly team meetings: Meet with your team or department once a week to check where you are in the current month or quarter, set priorities for the week, talk about any hurdles and anything your members need. This is also a great opportunity to think about the challenges and opportunities the team faces.

Weekly Team Meetings

Monthly employee meetings, all-hand-meetings or town halls: they are usually led by the company founder or the CEO. Monthly company-wide meetings are ideal for sharing high-level performance figures, challenges, opportunities and, most importantly, company-wide victories. This is also the best time to answer questions about business performance or team questions.

Teambuilding in a city

Share Teambuilding Exercises at the Right Time

Building a goal-oriented team requires time and the possibility to try out methods (Trial & Error). The first time it will probably not work immediately. (If you succeed the first time, please share this secret with the rest of the world.) Open up to your team’s feedback as you go through the different exercises, testing different processes and frameworks. Make sure you record your actions and share your results to get support from the team!

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