We believe in unique City Tours

We believe in exploring cities on our own. We believe to be surprised by a city tour. We believe that boredom does not exist. We believe in good service, friendliness, and surprise with good information. We believe in insider knowledge to better understand the culture. We believe in a fair price model. We believe in other ways, new things and alternatives to ordinary city tours. We believe in challenges. We believe in better knowledge transfer combined with experiences. We believe in flexibility. We believe in passion.

We believe in you!

One does not lead, that was experienced, but how one experiences it.
Wilhelm Raabe

Why we believe what we believe

We have noticed one thing in countless trips to over 50 countries, countless guided tours, city tours and travel guide texts. Information was always available in large quantities. We also did not dare to question the correctness of what was said and read. The competence of the guides and guides was more than sufficient in most cases, and a lot of effort was always made. However, we often lacked one thing.

The Adventure.

An adventure is fun. An adventure helps to recover, and an adventure helps to process the seen, heard and read better and to be able to call up the information later in another context faster. The experience is the reason why most people, like us, travel and like to inspect, be informed and be surprised. The adventure guarantees an unmistakable travel experience that you like to share and remember with others.That is why we have made it our business to turn our city tours into adventures. In addition to fun, excitement, and challenge, it is above all the element of surprise that is in the foreground. No tour is like the other, because you decide for yourself in which form you arrange your city tour. Surprises are guaranteed in any case. We are always looking for alternative routes and attractions within the radius of action of a tour to give you a unique adventure. Our main focus is on you.

You make the adventure an adventure!